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Fellowship of The Royal Photographic Society

The Royal Photographic Society Distinctions are recognised as the most prestigious in the photographic world and the Fellowship is the highest level of The Society’s distinctions. Images must be of an outstanding photographic and creative standard and an obvious personal style is expected. In addition to the images, a hanging plan and a Statement of Intent is required. See the RPS Distinctions Page  for more details.

The hanging plan, Statement of Intent and images in my Fellowship in Visual Art, which was awarded in May 2015, are displayed below.

All the images in the panel have been accepted in international salons and exhibitions and several of them have won awards. Many of them, together with notes on how they were made, are also in the Selected Images section of this website. If they are, you can click the link at the bottom of the image to take you to the appropriate page.




Fellowship Statement of Intent for Blog V2


01 Dublin D700 _006281 March 2009 V4 FLATTENED   The Gallery Attendant


02 Japan_09240_D700_Spring_2010 V7 FLATTENEDA Woman and a Man


03 Rome_17117_D700 July 2012 V6 FLATTENED



04 RHS Cardiff_24558_D800_April_2014 V15 FLATTENED



05 Japan_09239_D700_Spring_2010 V3 FLATTENED

A Man and a Tree


06 London_18148_D800_Nov_2012 V7 FLATTENED

Turning the Corner


07 Tanzania_24123_D800_March_2014 V18 FLATTENED

Silence Please


08 Rome_17221_D700 July 2012 V8 FLATTENED



09 Edinburgh_12785_D700_April_2011 V7 FLATTENED

The Man in the Passageway

The above link shows the exhibition image which has been retoned for the FRPS panel


10 San Francisco_21268_D800_2013 V9 FLATTENED

The Couple


11 Cuba_13598_D700_Spring_2011 V18 FLATTENED

The Escape


12 Barcelona_15970_D700_April_2012 V11 FLATTENED

Keeping in Touch

The above link shows the exhibition image which has been modified and retoned for the FRPS panel


13 Florence_22408_D800_Dec_2013 V7 FLATTENED

The Encounter


14 2014071215274228 V15 FLATTENED



15 New York_18643_D800_Dec_2012 V3 FLATTENED

 The Lady in White

The above link shows the exhibition image which has been retoned for the FRPS panel


16 Northumberland_20040_D800_June_2013 V15 FLATTENED




The Man on the Bus



The Bartender


19 San Francisco_21550_D800_2013 V1 FLATTENED



20 San Francisco_21215_D800_2013 V5 FLATTENED

The Baker

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