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AFIAP: Artiste Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique

Having been awarded my RPS Licentiateship for a panel consisting entirely of images of people and my RPS Associateship for a panel deliberately consisting entirely of images with no people in them, I decided to return to my favourite subject and started taking images of people again.

My aim was to take candid shots which tell a story and I  wanted to create images with an ‘artistic’ feel to them which could be considered as ‘Visual Art’ images.

I also decided to enter International Salons and Exhibitions as a way to improve my photography as I felt that the discipline of entering these on a regular basis would help to prevent it drifting and falling down my priority list.

I like to have something to aim at so I also decided to work towards an international distinction, the AFIAP.

The AFIAP (Artiste Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique (The International Federation of Photographic Art)) required*:

at least 30 (40) acceptances from

10 (15) different works in

10 (15) different salons

in 5 (8) different countries.

*figures in brackets are the current requirements

It all sounded very daunting when I started but it wasn’t as difficult as I feared.

I got my first acceptance on 17th Oct. 2009 and I was awarded the distinction on 30th May 2011.

The images in my successful submission are shown below:







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