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This shot was taken on a visit to Durham. The boy was siting motionless for some time staring into the distance and ignoring all those around him. He may well have been concentrating on something he was drawing but I thought that his expression was one of being lost in his own world (see the original image below).

Post capture manipulation consisted of cropping to a square format followed by the Nik Darken / Lighten Centre filter to change the lighting and the Glamour Glow filter on the boy himself to make him look more ethereal. Bleach Bypass was then used to give the whole image an edgy feel. A series of Viveza, curves, levels, and hue was saturation filters were then used to get the image looking the way I wanted it. The Clone tool was used to remove minor distractions.

Originally, this image was a desaturated colour one but I decided that I wanted it to be monochrome so I used the Nik Paper Toner filter to produce the final image I wanted. It was sharpened using the High Pass filter.

It is one of my first ventures into entering monochrome images for international exhibitions and it has had 9 international acceptances including the 48th Sydney International Exhibition of Photography 2014 (Australia) and the 121st Toronto International Salon of Photography 2014 (Canada).

Nikon D800, 50 mm Nikkor prime lens, ISO 1400, f/1.4, 1/200 sec



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  • Margaret Whittaker - March 30, 2015 - 11:41 am

    Dear David. I came across your website by chance and I have to say your images are stunning. We used to live in Durham
    So I was interested in the image LOST
    what intrigues me is with a 50mm lens
    you used an aperture of 1.4. I would have thought you would have no DOF but you do
    Am I being dim ? I would have used f8
    I see most of your images you shoot line that. I can understand It with the wide angle
    but not the 50.
    The Baker is another beautiful image. You can almost smell the bread !!
    Margaret WhittakerReplyCancel

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