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This image was taken in a Shoe Shop in New York during our visit there over Christmas 2012. The shop assistant who was helping us went up the escalator to find another pair of shoes. When she came down again, the escalator was empty except for her and I took the shot quickly (see the original image below).

I really liked the symmetry, so I cropped the image to a square format to emphasise it.

Following Lens Correction and Transform layers to straighten it all up, I used a Nik Film Efex Vintage 11 filter to give the look I wanted. This was followed by a series of Viveza, Clone, and Paint layers to adjust the lighting to the way I wanted it and to remove distractions. Darken / Lighten centre was the used to make final adjustments to the lighting and, finally the image was sharpened using the Photoshop High Pass Filter.

The image has had 4 international acceptances including the Welsh International Salon (2013), the South Devon Salon of International Photography (2013) and 102nd Southampton International Exhibition (2015)

Nikon D800, 28mm Nikkor Prime lens, ISO 500, f/1.8, 1/125 sec





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