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This was taken in 2013 on one of our trips to Northumberland. I was struck by the fact that the woman was sitting reading her book with the beam of light from the window falling directly onto her (see the original image below). I took as several shots and I liked this one because of the triangle formed by the three people which, I thought, made the best composition.

Post capture manipulation consisted, firstly, of cropping the image to a square format. There was still an extra person on the extreme right hand side of the frame. I added a layer of another shot I had taken which did not have anyone in that area and I used a layer mask to remove him.

Further treatment used Glamour Glow to give the image a slightly dreamy feel, Viveza to adjust the lighting, Vibrance to adjust the Vibrance and Saturation and Clone layers to remove minor distractions. I also used use a Paper Toner layer with a layer mask to get the colour the way I wanted it. The textures are images I had taken of cracked soil and of a wall in Rome. A layer mask was used to remove the texture from the three people in the image. Finally, it was sharpened using the High Pass Filter.

This image has had seven international acceptances including the 123rd Toronto International Salon of Photography 2016 (Canada) and the 70th Midland Salon of International Photography 2019 (England)

Nikon D800, 50 mm Nikkor prime lens, ISO 200, f/1.4, 1/250 sec.



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