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This was shot in the lobby area of a hotel I was staying at. I noticed the two chairs by the entrance and that people often sat there to work. I took this shot of the two people who were engaged with their work one on the phone and the other on their computer (see original image below).

Post capture manipulation consisted firstly of cropping to a square format to get the composition I was looking for. The main work on the image was to clone out the plant in the top left of the image and the power socket on the wall, together with cloning to extend the wall to remove the light area on the right-hand side.

A texture layer of an old wall in a church I had photographed was added and a layer mask was used partially to remove the effect from the two people. A Hue/ Saturation layer was used to reduce the saturation and a series of Nik Viveza layers together with a Darken/ Lighten Centre layer were used to adjust the lighting to the way I wanted it. Finally the image was sharpened using a high/pass filter.

This image has been accepted at the TAFKLUB International Digital Salon 2017 (South Africa), 38th Northern Counties International Salon of Photography 2017 (England), 43rd Smethwick International Exhibition 2017 (England) and 7th Cheltenham International Salon of Photography 2019 (England)

Nikon D810, 85 mm Nikkor prime lens, ISO 1250, f/2.8, 1/250 sec.


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This image was taken on our trip to Seville in April 2016. There were a number of people sitting in the open upstairs windows of a tall building, either talking to each other or, in this case writing. I liked the boy’s concentration and the fact that he was using pen and paper rather than a mobile phone.

As you will see from the original (below), the window is much higher than in the final image and, after using the Transform tool to straighten it up, the major part of post-production was to lower the top of the window to make it square. This, I felt, made for a much more pleasing image. The transformation was done by selection an area at the top of the window, copying it into a new later and using the Photoshop Move tool to drag it down to where I wanted it. The clone and Healing Brush tools were used to tie it all up and to disguise the join. Further work consisted of Viveza, Darken /Lighten Centre and Levels to adjust the lighting and Paper Toner to convert the image to monochrome. Finally, the boy was sharpened selectively using the High Pass Filter.

This image has been accepted at 43rd Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography 2017 (England) and the 96th Scottish International Salon of Photography 2019 (Scotland)

Nikon D810, 50 mm Sigma Art prime lens, ISO 100, f/1.4, 1/2500 sec


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This shot was taken on the London Underground. We had just got off the train and I noticed this couple walking in one of the side tunnels. I liked the flow of the curves and took the several shots in a burst.  I chose this one as being the best composition but replaced the reflection in the mirror with that from a shot taken slightly later as it reflected the people and made for a better finished image.

I wanted to give the image a dreamy feel with a sense of motion of the people walking away from me.

The tiles on the tunnel were bright yellow and orange (see original image below) so, firstly, I desaturated the image. I then used NIK Glamour Glow to give the dreamy feel and then Viveza to remove the slight yellow tones which remained in the image. Motion blur was added to give the slight sense of motion. This was followed with bleach by-pass and film grain to give the texture I wanted. A clone layer was used to remove minor distractions and Viveza was used to make final adjustments to the lighting. Finally, the image was sharpened using the Photoshop High Pass filter.

This image has had 4 International acceptances including 65th Midland Salon of International Photography 2015 (England) and The Indian Golden Digital Circuit Digifocus 2013 (Barrackpore, India)


Nikon D800, 28mm Nikkor Prime lens, ISO 1400, f/2.8, 1/125 sec


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This shot was taken at a RHS garden show in Cardiff. I noticed the girl looked a little forlorn and, with only part of the inscription on the bench showing the word ‘Down’, I thought it made a good image (See original image below).

After cropping to a square format, the Paper Toner Nik filter was used to convert the image to a sepia tone with a layer mask to remove the effect from the girl’s face. The Glamour Glow filter was then applied to give it an ethereal quality and a series of darken/lighten centre and Viveza filters was used to adjust the lighting. Minor distractions were removed with the clone tool. I added textures I had taken in Cuba and Morocco and, finally, the girl’s face was sharpened selectively using the High Pass filter with a layer mask.

This image has had 13 International acceptances including 43rd Photographic Society of New York International Salon of Color Photography 2015 (USA), Tallaght International Salon of Photographic Art 2015 (Ireland), Bristol Salon of Photography 2016 (England) and 2nd Swedish International Small Print Exhibition 2016 (Sweden).

Nikon D800, 28 – 300mm Nikkor lens at 230mm, ISO 1250, f/8, 1/640 sec



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This was taken in 2013 on one of our trips to Northumberland. I was struck by the fact that the woman was sitting reading her book with the beam of light from the window falling directly onto her (see the original image below). I took as several shots and I liked this one because of the triangle formed by the three people which, I thought, made the best composition.

Post capture manipulation consisted, firstly, of cropping the image to a square format. There was still an extra person on the extreme right hand side of the frame. I added a layer of another shot I had taken which did not have anyone in that area and I used a layer mask to remove him.

Further treatment used Glamour Glow to give the image a slightly dreamy feel, Viveza to adjust the lighting, Vibrance to adjust the Vibrance and Saturation and Clone layers to remove minor distractions. I also used use a Paper Toner layer with a layer mask to get the colour the way I wanted it. The textures are images I had taken of cracked soil and of a wall in Rome. A layer mask was used to remove the texture from the three people in the image. Finally, it was sharpened using the High Pass Filter.

This image has had 6 international acceptances including the 123rd Toronto International Salon of Photography 2016 (Canada)

Nikon D800, 50 mm Nikkor prime lens, ISO 200, f/1.4, 1/250 sec.



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