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This was taken in San Francisco on our trip there in 2013. I really liked the variety of activity going on, with the bartender seeming to dominate the whole scene (See the original image below).

After cropping to a square format, I used the Photoshop Hue/Saturation and Brightness/Contrast filters to reduce the saturation and brighten up the image. Nik Glamour Glow then gave it a slight air of unreality and this was followed by the Detail Extractor and Dark Contrasts filters to give it the feeling I wanted. In all cases layer masks were used to stop the main characters in the centre of the image from being affected. Viveza, to change the lighting, and the Clone Tool, to remove minor distractions, were then used. Finally, the image was sharpened using the high pass filter.

This image has had 4 international acceptances including 66th Midland Salon of International Photography 2015 (England) and all three of the Great British Small Print Circuit 2015 Salons (Carlisle, Hoylake and Solway) (UK)

Nikon D800, 28 mm Nikkor prime lens, ISO 3200, f/1.8, 1/200 sec



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Hungry Customers


This was taken in Florence just before Christmas in 2013. We were standing outside a restaurant waiting for it to open. When it was slightly late in opening, the people at the front started knocking on the door and peering through the glass to see what was happening inside. I thought it was a shot too good to miss (see the original image below).

Post capture manipulation consisted of cropping to a square format and using Photoshop Transform to straighten everything up. Topaz Simplify was then applied to give it a slightly poster-like feeling. This was followed by a clone layer to remove minor distractions and Viveza to adjust the lighting. A texture of some cracked soil was addend and a layer mask used to remove the effect from the two people. Further layers consisted of Nik Darken / Lighten Centre, Hue /Saturation, Levels and Curves and Viveza to get the lighting and feel exactly how I wanted it. Finally, it was sharpened using the High-pass filter.

Nikon D800, 50mm Nikkor prime lens, ISO 2500, f/1.8, 1/200 sec

This image has had 5 international acceptances including the London Salon of Photography 2015 (England).


Hungry Customers Original




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This shot was taken on a visit to Durham. The boy was siting motionless for some time staring into the distance and ignoring all those around him. He may well have been concentrating on something he was drawing but I thought that his expression was one of being lost in his own world (see the original image below).

Post capture manipulation consisted of cropping to a square format followed by the Nik Darken / Lighten Centre filter to change the lighting and the Glamour Glow filter on the boy himself to make him look more ethereal. Bleach Bypass was then used to give the whole image an edgy feel. A series of Viveza, curves, levels, and hue was saturation filters were then used to get the image looking the way I wanted it. The Clone tool was used to remove minor distractions.

Originally, this image was a desaturated colour one but I decided that I wanted it to be monochrome so I used the Nik Paper Toner filter to produce the final image I wanted. It was sharpened using the High Pass filter.

It is one of my first ventures into entering monochrome images for international exhibitions and it has had 7 international acceptances including the 48th Sydney International Exhibition of Photography 2014 (Australia) and the 121st Toronto International Salon of Photography 2014 (Canada).

Nikon D800, 50 mm Nikkor prime lens, ISO 1400, f/1.4, 1/200 sec



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This was taken in San Pedro in Belize. We were walking down the road after sunset when I spotted this couple still out selling their goods. I felt it would make a good shot, so I took several shots of them to try to make sure that one of them showed them in an interesting pose.

Post capture manipulation consisted of lens correction followed by cropping to a square format. The Photoshop Vibrance filter was then used to desaturate the image followed by Nik Darken / Lighten Centre to change the lighting to emphasise the couple. A series of filters was then used including Viveza, Glamour Glow, Hue / Saturation and Bleach Bypass to give the image the edginess I wanted. Clone and paint layers were also used to remove or reduce the impact of minor distractions. When I was happy with the way it looked, I sharpened it using the High Pass Filter.

Nikon D800, 85mm Nikkor lens, ISO 1100, f/1.8, 1/200 sec

This image has been accepted at 2nd South Devon Salon of International Photography 2013 (England) and the 8th International Photo Salon Kumanovo 2013 (Macedonia).



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‘The Baker’ was taken in San Francisco, looking through the window of the Boundin Bakery on Fisherman’s Wharf (see the original image). I took several shots of him working and thought that this one had the best overall composition for the square format I wanted to use.

Post capture treatment used Nik Darken / Lighten centre, Glamour Glow and Photoshop Hue and Saturation to start to get the feeling I wanted. Nik Paper Toner, Detail Extractor and Viveza were then used followed by a texture layer of part of a rendered wall I took at a flower show. Various clone and Viveza layers were then used to remove minor distractions and to adjust the lighting until it all looked the way I wanted it to. In many cases, layer masks were used so that the effect only showed on part of the image. Finally, it was sharpened using high pass filter.

It has had 15 international acceptances including the 121st Toronto International Salon of Photography 2014 (Canada), 5th Luxembourg Digital Contest 2014, the 24th Tallaght International Salon of Photographic Art 2014 (Ireland), the 69th Bristol Salon of Photography 2015 (England), the Alan Porrett Judge’s Award at the 35th Northern Counties International Salon of Photography 2014 (England), a FIAP Ribbon at the 10th Swansea International Salon 2014 (Wales) and a Judges Award at the Solway Salon in the Great British Small Print Circuit 2015.

Nikon D800, 28 mm Nikkor prime lens, ISO 200, f/1.8, 1/1600 sec.



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